The Wilderness Photography of Gary F. Dean

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Adirondack Life

Algonquin Lake

This shot was taken from the shore of Algonquin Lake in Wells N.Y. just before the last of the fog had lifted.

Lake Pleasant

This shot was taken in Speculator N.Y. on the shore of Lake Pleasant.

Lake Lila Storm

This shot was taken at evening on the shore of Lake Lila after a storm.

Thunderhead on Lake Lila

This shot is of a thunderhead blowing in on Lake Lila.

Boats on the Raquette

This shot is of a group of boats on the Raquette river. It features a Hornbeck canoe in the foreground.

Night on Pharaoh lake

This shot was taken on Pharaoh Lake after dark. The effect of the stars in the sky is a product of time exposure photography.

Follensby Clear Pond

This shot was taken in the fall at Follensby Clear Pond in the St. Regis Canoe area.

Loon on the Bog River Flow

This picture of a common loon was taken on the Bog River Flow


This Foxglove and water lily were shot on the bog river flow

Water lily

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