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The Wilderness Photography of Gary F. Dean


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I have a wide circle of friends who hike the backcountry with me. Sometimes we go for weeks at a time into some very remote areas of the state.

Gary's Family
L-R (back) John, Barb, Gary-(front) Brian, Katie

My Family has gone on numerous expeditions with me. They have been a source of strength and inspiration. Their encouragement has helped me expand my horizons.

Dan has been a constant friend and confidant in the wilderness. He is always ready to go at the drop of a hat. He is comfortable with whatever circumstances might arise in the wilderness. He is the original Man-of-the-Woods.

Dan Springston (Dan-the-Man)
Woodsman Extraordinaire!

Molly is a constant joy on the trail. Her positive attitude and giggle keeps us all smiling. Not only can she take whatever the wilderness dishes out, but she can cook too!

Colleen is a laugh a minute on the trail! She makes the best of any situation, and never stops smiling.

Colleen & Molly (L-R)

Reading teacher

Gina has a great spirit, and handles the toughest conditions with a smile on her face. She loves all the adventure the wilderness brings!   

The young men of the Grace Baptist Church Youth Group have spent time in the deep woods. This scene is at Shattuck's clearing on the Cold River.

Youth Group
(L-R) Dan, Gary, Brian, Mike, John, Dave

John enjoys solitude. He is the quiet one in the group and truly enjoys the deep woods and far off places.

6th grade teacher

All text and photographs, both actual and digital, are copyrighted by Gary F. Dean. All rights are reserved (C) 1980-2003 Gary F. Dean